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Kyusoku Bihaku (KB) Skin whitening brand tells you the facts about oral glutathione supplementation vs. KB Glutanac.
Many people doesn’t know that Glutathione reduced or unreduced form that are so expensive in the market are not effective as it will not help you to increase glutathione level in your body.
According to the wikipedia. “Glutathione is a not essential nutrient for humans because it is not synthesized by our body since it can be biosynthesized from the amino acids called glutamic, glycine, cysteine. The sulfhydryl group (SH) of cysteine serves as a proton donor and is responsible for its biological activity. Cysteine is the rate-limiting factor in cellular glutathione biosynthesis, since this amino acid is relatively rare in foods. “
Keep in mind that the production of the GLUTATHIONE is only OUR OWN CELLS
and KB Glutathione plus NAC (or we called it as KB Glutathione Activator plus NAC or KB GLUTANAC) Don’t get confused with our glutathione as the health ministry about our product that way however at the back of our box you will see the our product is in free form of amino acids composed of the three amino acids plus other active ingredients TO HELP YOU CELLS TO PRODUCED MORE GLUTATHIONE.
KB GLUTANAC is NOT an ARTIFICIAL GLUTATHIONE SUPPLEMENTS (reduced glutathione or undreduced glutathione) like ALMOST ALL IN THE MARKET but KB GLUTANAC raw materials which is being imported by our company is the best activator or precursor in manufacturing glutathione inside our own cells.
Aside from this KB GLUTANAC is the 1sT BRAND THAT USED NAC OR N-acetyl-L-Cysteine to incorporate in one capsule. It has a small dosage that is approved by the health ministry for our daily intake use.
Most experts, including Dr. Robert Atkins of the Atkins Diet fame, hold a very high esteem for NAC’s effectiveness in raising the body’s glutathione levels. In his book, “Vita-Nutrient Solution” Dr. Atkins said that “NAC raises glutathione levels in the body, something that oral supplements of glutathione itself cannot do.”
Lastly, A combination of KB ROSEHIPS or ROSEHIPS capsules is a very good combination as KB is one source of Vitamin C – a natural source coming from rosa canina.
KB ROSEHIPS or ROSEHIPS is the only approved rosehips capsules in the philippines with IPO Trademark, HALAL and FDA.
KB COLLAGEN TABLET from a japan can be incorporate with this two product as they have different functions. KB COLLAGEN minimizes pore and finelines and it contains pearl powder use by cleopatra long time ago as her beauty regimen.
A proper dosage and quality raw materials from yumei mise combines all f this to give you the effective and cheapest in the market.
KB GLUTANAC 30 Capsules 500mg + KB ROSEHIPS 30 Capsules 500mg to be taken ONE CAPSULES each while KB COLLAGEN 200mg to be taken 3 x a day.
Price: Php3,445.00
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Effective and yeat cheapest product in the market since 2007.

Effective and yeat cheapest product in the market since 2007.